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Employment Law

For nearly 30 years, our experienced employment attorneys have provided advice to individuals and businesses in a broad context of employment-related matters, such as independent contractor/consulting agreements, employee agreements, wage payment claims, employee performance review and discipline matters, discrimination complaints, non-compete agreements and restrictive covenants, separation/ severance agreements, unemployment compensation and other related workplace matters. Our approach is result-oriented. We focus on assisting you to resolve issues in the workplace while maintaining your dignity and well-being, and preparing for the future.

For employees, our attorneys offer discrete consultation and regular coaching to assist in handling the immediate crisis, while avoiding future disputes and securing a healthier workplace environment. In the event that backroom or out-of-court negotiations fail to bring about the hoped-for result, our attorneys are ready to litigate aggressively, so as to obtain the best possible result for our clients.

For businesses, our attorneys combine their legal knowledge of the multi-faceted intricacies of employment law with decades of practical experience, so as to help businesses resolve employment disputes in a cost-effective, legally sound and expeditious manner, so everyone can get back to the work at hand.